"We build more than just athletes."
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​​​Korey personally pours through hours of video, travels to games and tournaments in order to produce the most comprehensive films. This isn't "Hoopmixtape"... His goal is to make the type of films that will help athletes gain recruitment, earn scholarships and pro contracts, and acknowledge their needs for improvement. 

- PLAYERS/PARENTS: The process is EASY and SIMPLE! No more trying to figure out how you can chop up and edit your game film to send to coaches or struggle with trying to figure out what coaches really want to see...
- COACHES: Want to be able to spend more time actually teaching your players and less time having to sit through hours of film with you assistants trying to identify problems?! LET ME HELP YOU TODAY! 

Here's What You Can Expect From Your Own Custom KHB Film!


-Send an email to sogtrainingco@gmail.com with the following:
1.) Player's name and contact info (Phone, email, & permanent address)
2.) School/pro organization info (Academic info: GPA, SAT, & ACT scores for HS players)
3.) Minimum of 3 high quality actions photos
4.) Season statistics, awards, league honors, etc.
​5.) Full game films via Google Drive, email, Hudl, Krossover, etc...

No. Each film's focus is completely left up to the choice of the client. A film can highlight both or one of the two.

​*How much does it cost to have a film made by Korey Harris?
​-$200 flat rate that must be paid up front + $25 per full game film sent to Korey for evaluation
​- Example: If player "A" sends 4 full games (4 X $25) to be evaluated and edited = $300


"I did not expect to be challenged and pushed the way that Korey pushed me! This is what I need to prepare for the NBA season!" - Samake Soumaila (NJ Nets & Lakers)
"I absolutely LOVED it! I wish that I could work with you more!" - Ivory Latta (Mystics)
"That work was exactly what I needed to get back to game shape. I love the way my body feels after putting in that type of work. That's how you know that you were really going hard." - April Sykes (LA Sparks)
"I've played professional basketball overseas 10 years now, and have worked with a couple of personal trainers, but no one has stretched my abilities and challenged me in the workouts like Korey Harris does. The thing that impresses me is that he works on all aspects of your game: conditioning, shooting, ball handling, footwork, coordination, and all the fundamentals of the game. Working with Korey has made me a complete player. If you want to be the best, train and learn from one of the best." - Steven Thomas (Memphis Grizzlies Summer League & Overseas)
​"It has been a great pleasure to work with you at the World Basketball Association (WBA) Exposure League team tryout combine. Your skill development and motivation lifted the players to a higher level. Not only did the players work hard for an opportunity with the teams, they got better in the process. Korey you are the real deal and I hope to work together soon. The WBA thanks you!" - Coach Lionel Garrett
"The most challenging workouts I've ever experienced! I know to go to Korey when I want to prepare the right way for the season." - Duran Blue (SBL Australian Pro)
​​"Truly Blessed to have this man Korey E. Harris in my life. Not only a great trainer, but a great friend! Always keeps me focused on what's important in life and that's keeping my faith in the Lord! Thanks bro, I needed that!" - Brian Fisher (Romania Pro B League)

"This summer was a humbling and challenging experience. At the beginning of May, I wanted to figure out a way to become the best player that I could possibly be... I wanted to reach my full potential. With the help of Korey, I realized that I wasn't doing enough to reach my goals. Korey trained with me and taught me things like discipline, the mental aspect of the game, and drills, drills, drills... I learned so much this summer." - Bobby Grier (Chicago Steam ABA League)

​"I love the workouts! They're no joke!" - Alioune Diouf (France Pro A League)

​"Thanks for pushing me! I appreciate it." - Colin Reddick (Furman University)

" I wish that I could have been training with Korey the whole summer! Do it! It's fun, but tough. It's better than what anyone else is doing. I actually have confidence to implement what we do in the training into my game." - Jonneshia Pineda (Former college PG/Current NCAA Div. I Coach)

"I have a lot of respect for Korey and his training. I don't care who you are or what level you play on, you need to get with my dude Korey! He pushes me everytime and keeps it real to show me where I need to improve! We did stuff in our workouts that I've seen only on TV or at the pro level!" - Deandre Washington (Germany Pro B League)

​"He's a great and knowledgeable trainer who pushes me to the limit with every drill! I really enjoy the workouts!" - Robbie Dreher (Winthrop University)