Who Is Korey Harris?

Korey Harris is a nationally renowned basketball skill development trainer and the founder of Student of the Game Training Co., LLC. Korey travels nationwide teaching the game of basketball to boys and girls, young and old, beginners to elite. Korey has worked with numerous ELITE level high school players like A'JA WILSON and Damon Harge Jr., NCAA Division I standouts from FURMAN UNIVERSITY, GEORGIA TECH, ARKANSAS STATE, UGA, RICHMOND, etc... Korey has also spent time as a personal trainer for multiple WNBA & overseas pros. Korey has spent time training stars such as IVORY LATTA (WNBA ALL STAR) and was hired to help her prepare for the season during the summer of 2014. He has been mentored and certified under Ganon Baker Basketball Services since 2009 and worked under GBB's Nike sponsored elite group of pro-staff trainers from 2011-2013. 
We are proud to announce that KHB will now be offering evaluation films as well as highlight tapes for middle, high school, college and professional players. Our evaluation films will provide each player with a detailed and comprehensive tape breaking down both their strengths and weaknesses using game film and statistical analysis. Our highlight tapes showcase more than just dunks and crossovers. They focus on showing the player's or team's IQ, skills, and athleticism. Click below to check out one of our evaluation films and get the process started on your film TODAY! 

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​"I've played professional basketball overseas over 10 years now, and have worked with a couple of personal trainers but no one has stretched my abilities and challenged me in the workouts like Korey Harris does. The thing that impresses me is that he works on all aspects of your game conditioning, shooting, ball handling, footwork, eye cordnation, and all the fundamentals of the game. Workng with Coach Korey Harris has made me a complete player. If you want to be the best train and learn from one of the best." - Steve Thomas

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